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DJ Silently Beats Katamarayudu

DJ Silently Beats Katamarayudu
With only 3 days left for the release of Pawan Kalyan's Katamarayudu, the fever of this upcoming action entertainer has gripped the Telugu states. Interim, the teaser of Bunny's DJ has silently smashed the record of Katamarayudu.

It is known that Katamarayudu's teaser was the first from Tollywood to cross the 10 million views mark in youtube. Well, while the Pawan starrer took 37 days to reach this milestone, DJ teaser scaled the same feat in just 25 days. Hence, DJ teaser officially took the crown of the 'Fastest Teaser to clock 10M views'.

Although Katamarayudu was the fastest to reach 1M, 2M and 5M views, the ultimate record of 10M views fell in the lap of DJ. The reasons could be the over-enthusiasm of Pawan fans to increase the dislikes of DJ, the growing fan bases of Bunny in neighboring states and even in North India and sensually sexy Pooja Hegde factor to some extent.

Notwithstanding with the reasons, DJ teaser beating the record of a contemporary Pawan srarrer is truly a monumental feat. Some sections of Pawan's fans may not digest this. Let's see which film wins the box office battle. Although the films are not directly clashing, they are releasing with less than two months gap.

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