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Don't Believe Those Rumours: Nagarjuna

Don't Believe Those Rumours: Nagarjuna
Akkineni Nagarjuna's brother-in-law passed away recently and entire Akkineni family, Annapurna Studio struck with grief.  Meanwhile there were reports in the media that Naga Chaitanya's upcoming film 'Rarandoy Veduka Chuddam' has been postponed.

It is known that Nagarjuna arranged pre-release function of RVC on Thursday.. but the event was cancelled due to his brother-in-law death.  So, there were reports floating around in the media that the movie release has been postponed to June 2.  When the same thing was enquired with Nagarjuna office, they have ruled out the news as just rumours.  They are saying that Nagarjuna clearly told them that release date is unchanged.  

On the other hand, 'Rarandoy Veduka Chuddam' is carrying good buzz among the audience.  As Nagarjuna revealed earlier,, the movie is made in the lines of 'Ninne Pelladatha'. Rakul Preet Singh is the heroine and Kalyan Krishna directed the moive.

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