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Friday 21 September, 2018, 8:35 am

Don't Draw Names For Publicity, It's Cheap -Ram Charan

Don't Draw Names For Publicity, It's Cheap -Ram Charan
Sharing that speech of Pawan Kalyan from a Janasena meet where he said, "Only the strong can bear the abuses and it is a good attitude", now another mega-hero has reacted. He's none other than Ram Charan.

Taking to his Facebook today, Ram Charan finally opened up on the ongoing Sri Reddy fiasco which is taking many cheap colours and political turns each passing day. He posted, "Our industry is like a family where women are always highly respected. Whatever the problems may be, one should resolve them through legitimate and ethical ways. But it is cheaper to draw some names unnecessarily and get popularity".

Probably this is the first ever reaction from such a star hero and going by the video he shared we could assume that Sri Reddy's verbal abuse of Pawan Kalyan by scolding him with cuss words is the reason for Charan's post.

And the Rangasthalam star also reiterated his Baabai's words that one should first go to police and courts to get issues resolved.

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