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Saturday 17 November, 2018, 1:27 pm

Don't I have stature to do NTR mother role?

Don't I have stature to do NTR mother role?
With the increased presence of social media in our lives.. rumours increased on the film industry.  At the same time,  character artistes are getting the opportunity to express their opinions and voice their concerns through the same social media.  They are raising important topics and asking questions which they can't otherwise do in the filmy functions.  The are not scared to point out the injustice meted out to them.  In a latest interview, Telugu artiste Hema has spoken on several things..and she posed some serious questions also.

"Puri Jagannadh brings actors from all the places.. but he doesn't consider the actors working here. Why doesn't he give me a mother role.  Hema doesn't have the stature to do a mother role of NTR ?  We need to understand the situation of the artistes who are getting offers by doing wrong things.  I have 25 years experience in the industry.  I have the eligibility.. and right to voice my opinion.  There is a talk that.. 'industry is bad'.  Heroes.. heroines.. producers.. directors.. everybody is bringing their kids into the industry.   If the indusry is really bad..why would they introduce their kids?"

"I've been listening to the talk that people suppress Kapus here.  They are creating an opinion that taking birth as a Kapu is a crime".  She has even responded on the casting couch allegations also.  "They are living by the past glory now.  It is not right to raise allegations on the industry if they do not get offers now.. as the industry gave them livelihood and respect in the past".

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