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Wednesday 26 September, 2018, 5:22 am

Don't kill Solo, I beg you: Dulquer Salmaan

Don't kill Solo, I beg you: Dulquer Salmaan
There is a huge discussion going on film reviews in the Tollywood for the past few weeks.  Now, Malayalam hero Dulquer Salmaan also joined the bandwagon of actors who expressed their displeasure over negative reviews but Dulquer did it in a polite manner.  Dulquer Salmaan's latest Tamil-Malayalam bilingual 'Solo' released recently and it has received mixed reviews due to the bold content in the film.  

Addressing the audience Dulquer wrote a lengthy write up on his Facebook page giving his viewpoint. Here are the excerpts from the letter.

"People tell me Solo isn't like Charlie and Bangalore Days. They asked me why I did it. They say I could have avoided it. They say this kind of experimenting is unnecessary. But you know what, that's why I love it. I want to constantly do "different" films. Yup the biggkillet overused cliche of the film world. "Different". So why do a certain section of our lovely audience fear, dislike and mock different? 7 billion humans walk the earth. There is bound to be that many stories. That many issues. That many conflicts or differences. If you are not familiar with it, doesn't make it go away. If you are not aware of it, doesn't make it wrong. Cause if you do, you just run the risk of being ignorant. Or judgemental. Or both. We are only human. So why judge?"

"I seek stories wherever I go. Whether it's news articles. Whether it's people I meet. Whether it's movies I watch or books I read. And I've always believed my viewers give me the courage to tell any story. If it's original and if we tell it well, you will all enjoy it. Good, bad or ugly. Black, white or grey. It's always been my deciding factor in choosing scripts."

"Dark comedies are meant to be awkward. Always have been. That was our intention. So mocking it, booing in theaters, spreading negativity and hate and degrading the film because you didn't get it, just kills the film. It breaks our hearts, breaks our spirit, and kills the courage you gave me all along.

So I beg you. Don't kill Solo. Give it a go with an open mind and you will have a blast with the film."

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