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Don't underestimate the power of content!

Don't underestimate the power of content!
These days social media is abuzz about two films and two films only. One Baahubali2 and the other, Aamir Khan's Dangal. Both the films have created Collection tsunamis at the box office and crossed 1000 crores worldwide gross. But the comparison between the two films has reached to uncanny heights and both the films' fans have gone crazy with name-calling and abuses.

Telugu Cinema fans have gone a step ahead in calling Dangal a bad movie in comparison to Baahubali. Well, one thing needs to be seen here, Baahubali2 movie released with huge hype and interest among the audience of different languages across India and the ticket hikes and extra shows at places have also contributed to the movie's success. The movie could be worth of all the hype and hoopla but audience have decided to watch the movie at least once, however they feel about the overall content.

For Dangal, Aamir Khan is the only X-factor until we enter the theatre. Once we enter the content and the young actors did pull us into the story and proceedings. It might have it flaws but the content of the movie connected with so many audiences and that's the reason being a normal release from a big star, the movie still managed to collect a little over 750 crores worldwide before gigantic China storm. In China, the movie till now collected more than 425 crores and it is looking set to create all-time records for any Indian movie in China, that could look improbable to beat for other films.

Well, all we say is both the films are pride of India and just because Baahubali is a rare phenomenon and belongs to our mother tongue, do not underestimate what Dangal did merely on the strength of its content.

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