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Draupadi had 5, directors have 50: K Vishwanath

Draupadi had 5, directors have 50: K Vishwanath
Winning Dadasaheb Phalke Award..is a lifetime achievement for any movie artiste or technician.  K. Vishwanath who is fondly called as Kalatapasvi by Telugu audience have achieved this honour now.  Even though Vishwanath has achieved this kind of recognition.. he is saying that he is yet to be satisfied as a director.  

He said that "I don't think that I had a satisfactory journey as director.  Not only me.. but any artiste will not have satisfaction.   I can't think that I've made 'Sankarabharanam'.. so, it is enough for me.  Art.. music.. poetry.. literature.. they are like an ocean.  There will be something left even after making several films on those arts.  

Some people say that we need give a good message to the audience with cinema.  Some say that it is busiess.. some others say films are for entertainment.  Everybody will have their opinion on cinema.  I don't think that I have done service to Arts.   What can I say is that I not made films deviating from moral values."

While speaking about this generation directors, He said that "I'll not give suggestions to this generation.  Are they innocents ? Everybody is talented.  That is the reason why producers are investing crores of rupees on them.  There is so much pressure on this generation directors.  Draupadi had five husbands.. but this generation directors have 50.  Making a film satisfying all of them is not a small task".

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