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Drug Case: Ravi Teja's Mother Opens Up!

Drug Case: Ravi Teja's Mother Opens Up!
Amidst several media reports indicated that actor Ravi Teja has allegedly received notices from Excise Department in the drug scandal, Ravi Teja's mother Rajya Lakshmi has finally broken her silence. Responding on the most-controversial drugs case that is rocking the Telugu film industry, Rajya Lakshmi stated that Ravi Teja has no 'bad habits' and said that he doesn't even smoke. She said that Ravi don't even 'encourage' anyone who 'smokes'.

Rajya Lakshmi didn't stop. She alleged that Ravi Teja is being targeted and being framed 'intentionally' in the drugs case. She said that Ravi is 'innocent' and asked media, people to not to 'tag' him along with his another son Bharath.

Interestingly, Rajyalakshmi also defended her second son Bharath who was recently killed in a road accident on the ring road. Refuting reports that Bharath 'was under the influence of alcohol' when accident took place, Rajyalakshmi said that Bharath had given up all his 'bad habits' few days before the fatal accident.

Stating that the final rites of Bharath had happened as per their own tradition, she requested everyone not to intrude into their personal space. She added that Ravi attended his film's shooting only to avoid 'losses' to the producer despite that he lost his brother.

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