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Drugs Case: Who Is That Top 3 Hero?

Drugs Case: Who Is That Top 3 Hero?
As officials from Excise and Enforcement department are getting ready to unravel the murky links of Telugu film industry with Drugs, both consuming and peddling, a gossip is doing rounds which could really destroy the business of cinema big time.

Apparently, a gossip reads, "A top hero, one among the top-three stars of Tollywood is doing drugs". And that led to discussion everywhere as to whom that hero is. Because if we leave Megastar Chiranjeevi, then we have three heroes really competing for the throne in Tollywood. Among them, one happens to be a shy guy who never even likes to booze. The other two are completely family-types and are not seen even partying anywhere. One likes to do baby sitting and another one is a globetrotter. So literally there is no chance to point fingers at them.

If we take the next set of stars, they don't have even time to spend quality moments with family as they are always engrossed in shootings. With back to back films in the pipeline and continually delivering projects to entertain fans, we can't even expect this next set of stars involved in such hardcore partying laced with drugs.

Other than these top stars, we have another layer of stars who come on the second line. And the top three from this batch is also busy with films all the time though occasionally seen partying. In case if they are doing drugs, definitely their late arrivals at sets and their delayed projects would have become the talk of the town. But never we have heard about such stuff about the top three from this second set of stars too.

So, who is that one among the top three stars that are doing drugs in Tollywood is the big question now. Or this is just a rumour churned out by media to rake up TRPs?

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