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Wednesday 24 October, 2018, 3:13 am

Explosive Promo: Poonam Kaur's Punjabi Panjaa!

Explosive Promo: Poonam Kaur's Punjabi Panjaa!

A Telugu News Channel conducted an exclusive interview with Poonam Kaur. The media house began promoting the interview as 'Punjabi Panjaa' with the lines - 'Prashninchadam Modalaindi€Poonam Kaur's Outburst'.

Here are some of the comments in the promo of Poonam Kaur's Interview...

'I am not scared...what would they do? If they want to kill Me...let them do it'

'Even If a tsunami comes, It can't stop Me'

'I never sold My Soul'

'When the right time arrives, Truth will comes out'

'Playing with the life of Woman is wrong'

'Who will fight with the dead people'

'Stepping into the battlefield, I might either die or return after the victory'

'Why is there no news about Poonam Kaur meeting Barack Obama?'

'I am fighting but it's not dramatic...don't know If I would die'

'Remember everybody, I am the daughter of Guru Govind Singh...Neither I will accept defeat nor I would allow anything wrong to happen'

Whom does Poonam Kaur questioned in the interview? On whom did she waged a war against? Wait For The Full Interview!

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