Facts Behind Priya Warrior New Viral Star In Social media

We are not saying that this is the fool proof guide for whoever wants to become viral and famous on Internet. Not all are that lucky. But this is just an understanding after watching how Priya Prakash Varrier became famous within the matter of days, with one video.

Before she became so famous, they are few people who suddenly became ultra famous on Internet. Taher Shah became famous with Eye to Eye, single.

The video and song were so ridiculous and laughable, that people made him famous.  The singer and actor released few more songs after that to keep the fame intact.

Before him, Sam Anderson, a Tamil actor became famous for being so rigid in acting and dancing. His film song, Rasathi Rasathi made him a viral sensation in early Youtube years.

With Instagram becoming a huge tool for women and men to share their pictures, Shah Rukh Khan's one fan selfie, made a girl among the crowd ultra famous for her smile and looks.

Pooja Jain, a Delhi University student sang a song and that made her famous for her singing on the Internet.

Even in Telugu, Dubsmashes made Deepthi Sunaina and Shannu, very famous. Another actor, who became famous like this is Darling Das.

Robert E. Kelly, an analyst became famous because of the video where his children run into the video unplanned and his wife, scolds them away.

There are many who are becoming famous with Viral videos like Viva Harsha, Chai Bisket Suhas and many more.

So, what is the guide then, well either you have to be extremely lucky with looks, talented or pure ridiculous person! We cannot really point at one thing that made these people famous but if you can establish a connection, you can be famous and vura sensation on Internet.

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