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Fans of Tollywood stars stun Hollywood Star

Movie lovers need no introduction to Hollywood star Tom Cruise. Tom Cruse is renowned for his popular films like Top Gun, Mission Impossible series, The Mummy, Valkyrie etc.

He is getting ready to show his power with Mission Impossible-Fallout. Cruise shared the teaser of this upcoming spy thriller recently and with in minutes, fans of Tollywood stars Mahesh Babu and NTR showed stars to him.

Here are the posts from the fans.

“Tom cruise you are an illiterate in front of Mahesh babu. If our sweety star Mahesh babu is a watermelon u r a seed in that. Better you go and watch Brahmotsavam and Spyder then you will recognise what is your range (sic)”

"It seems these stunts have been copied from !-Nenokkadine. Tom Cruise, you may copy Mahesh Babu's stunts. but you can't match him. Remember that always"

“The number of people waiting for Bharat Ane Nenu is greater than the number of people waiting for Mission Impossible,”

"Tom ur fans compare u with other heros but we compare our mahesh Babu with God. Jai mahe"

"Jr NTR is taller than Tom cruise, Jr NTR is 100 times sexier than Tom Cruise, Jr NTR is 10 times better actor than you, Jr NTR did 3 different roles in single movie.

Tom Cruise and Leonardo Di Caprio are nothing in front of Jr NTR's acting"

“NTR thoda kodithe, Tom Cruise Mission Possible ipoddi ra khabaddar”

"No matter how hard you try, you cannot match NTR.Jr. If our NTR hits you with a masala item, you will become biryani in front of the japanese so be careful, Tom"

Hower some Mahesh Babu fans posted

“Ignore the comments of our fellow Indians about actor Mahesh Babu. They are actually his anti-fans (fans of Jr NTR ) who are trying to defame Mahesh Babu ( one of the top actors in South India). Because Jr NTR is a big loser here, who can’t survive without castebased fans. They (Jr NTR fans) did this just to grab attention. Yes, it is a publicity stunt from Jr fans Better to ignore such people, they are no less than terrorists (sic).”

Some Tom Cruise fans thundered

‘Who the hell is Mahesh Babu? And who the hell cares?”

“So much jealousy around here! Tom is the best! Why they’re talking about some Indian Idon’t-know-who? Geez! (sic),’

“What’s with these Indians (not all) and over glorifying their actors? Yeah you’ve said it once, no need to keep on repeating it over and over. Show some respect. (sic),”

Mahesh katti attacked fans saying “When their heroes’ films aren’t releasing, these fans resort to such trolling to justify their existence. Instead of appreciating what their favourite star does, fans these days have started abusing other heroes. They just need a platform and have found one in Tom Cruise’s page,"

“They are only exposing our film industry! We are not making films that are anywhere close to Hollywood standards. As much as we like to claim that Baahubali is of international standards, Hollywood is light years ahead of us in terms of filmmaking. So seeking global attention in this way is unwarranted,"

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