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Tuesday 23 October, 2018, 12:06 pm

Film Publicity: Satires on Jewelry Store Owner

Film Publicity: Satires on Jewelry Store Owner
Film publicity is as difficult as any other promotion these days. Taking this into account, the makers of London Babulu have come up with a novel yet funny concept of imitating a popular Jewelry store owner who is aggressively promoting his store on TV channels.

Actor Ajay Ghosh from the film has been roped in and dressed similar to him. Sporting a complete bald, Ajay is made look like the jewelry store owner and mimicks him. While the jewelry brand owner had compared about the competitive prices their stores offer, Anay Ghosh compares London Babulu with competitive films and promote that how their film offers good entertainment for their money.

Presented by Maruthi Talkies, apparently this is idea of actor-turned-director Chinni Krishna. Many thought that Maruthi could be behind this, however Maruthi himself has admitted that he has no role in this and it is completely Chinni's idea. Starring Colours Swathi and Rakshith, London Babulu is releasing on Nov 17th only.

Producers feel that this ad satire on jewelry brand owner has got more publicity for the film worth many lakhs at less cost. Let's see how far this will really help the film.

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