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Flop Heroine Getting Money From!?

Flop Heroine Getting Money From!?
Fame is equal to money in the tinsel town in most of the cases. Doubts do come when celebs with lesser income, means lesser fame, come up with some really bigger projects. One such starlet became a big news here back in Tollywood.

Hailing from a middle-class family in our neighbouring state, this hottie actually tried her luck big time in Telugu movies but they haven't done any good to her. She's a charmer with tempting looks and terrific curves. No matter what, luck didn't favour her anytime. Later she came up with a small business with the little money she earned. That's not a surprise.  But the major twist is that she's now getting ready to invest heavily in film businesses. While her earnings are not in crores, one wonders how could she push such huge stashes of money into this lucrative business that has indefinite results.

Some say, if you are a celebrity and if you could convince financiers, then making a 20 crore project is nothing. That's how even many producers work in this industry. Maybe our heroine is working in the same way, if not, we have to ask where this flop heroine is getting money from.

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