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Friday 19 October, 2018, 11:35 am

Forced Selfies Became Headache For Star Heroines

Forced Selfies Became Headache For Star Heroines
Earlier when a celebrity walks by, then people used to rush them with a pad and pen and used to sough an autograph. But now, they are flipping their mobiles out of pockets and seeking a selfie. An autograph is just a line, but a selife will be a permanent memory.

Problem is that, to click selfies, now many folks are not even asking permissions. Other day a star heroine who ruled Tollywood for a while is coming to Hyderabad from Mumbai. When she's coming out of the airport on the way to her cab, it's heard that few folks have reached to her and took out their phones and clicked pictures.

They didn't click pictures of her but actually tried to walk by her side and click a selfie with her. As the heroine is not wearing any makeup, she felt awkward to pose for them, but the folks around her continued clicking as per their wish. And these type of forced selfies is turning into a harassment of sorts of many heroines.

"First of all, a heroine is not a public property that every bystander will click a picture with her. People should realise that we are also the same human beings. What if some random guys click a picture with their sister or mother in a similar fashion?" the heroine said, expressing her dissent.

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