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Former Bigg Boss Host Slams New Season!

Bigg Boss may be one of the most successful and popular shows on Indian Television, but it is notorious for being the house of controversies. Bollywood hero and the Host of first season of Bigg Boss, Arshad Warsi has now made a scathing verbal attack on the latest season that is being hosted by Salman Khan.

Warsi reportedly said that the channel has deliberately sent nutcases into the house for TRP Ratings. He then went on to blame audience for entertaining such crass shows. “The channel is merely serving what audience like to see. If people want to see sensible contestants in the house, the channel will oblige. The TV viewers on the other hand like to see dramatic people, those who fight, hit and abuse,” he said.

Talking about the original concept of Bigg Boss and how it all started with him being the Host, Warsi said, “The concept back then was to understand the psyche of people and notice the developments that occur when they are made to reside in a house, isolated from the world. No one wanted to cause any trouble.”

The ‘Munnabhai’ actor added that the TV channel wants immediate TRP success these days, and hence it is consciously sending tacky people into the house and ensuing chaos, vulgarity in the name of entertainment.
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