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Wednesday 21 November, 2018, 4:44 pm

Garudavega! Don’t Target #WKKB

Garudavega! Don’t Target #WKKB
“Inthaki Sekhar ki Cancer Vunda?” is one ‘Garudavega’ makers want to promote extensively now to bring some new buzz to the film. While the film already carrying positive word of mouth, the makers want to bring a viral hype in the form of “Why Kattappa Killed Baahubali?” aka #WKKB. This is what sounds funny.

After watching the film ‘Garudavega’, of course, audeinces will get a doubt if Sekhar, the role played by Raja Sekhar, is really affected with cancer or the Doctor who treated him just confused. But still, it can’t be so viral like in the case of Baahubali, because the impact made by these two scenes in their respective films is completely different.

While Rajasekhar and Praveen Sattaru succeeded in making an engaging movie, now to retain the hype until they come up with next part, this cancer thing won’t be helpful. Also marketing the idea of whether the character has cancer or not sounds like a cliche. Probably a twist in the story should have been retained to hook audiences till next part rather this cancerous thing.

Fact is that all the drama is toned down in Garudavega by the director and without drama, such hype will not come. So, Sekhar will not have cancer definitely, because this is Telugu movie and heroes will never die, says cinema lovers. When there is a definite answer, the kick is gone.

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