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Gautham Menon Movie With Anushka

Gautham Menon Movie With Anushka
Anushka Shetty who has marked her name as a lady super star in South Industry has been protecting her stardom from so many years. The directors who write the lady oriented scripts keep Anushka as their first preference. This Arundhati actress has recorded so many blockbusters in her career. With Baahubali, the actress became famous internationally.

Now, Kollywood cool director Gautham Menon has written a good script for this beauty. Gautam recently met Anushka with a story that majorly depends on the female lead's role. As the actress really liked the story, she gave her green signal for the movie too. Currently Anushka is busy with Bhagmathi movie.

Bhagmathi movie shooting is almost completed.  Anushka has not any commitments to other movies yet. However no one knows about upcoming projects after Bhagmathi. If everything goes well, as soon as the movie gets completed, shooting of Gautam Menon's project will go on sets. The movie is a bilingual one which will get released in both Telugu and Tamil languages.

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