Geetha Back from USA for Meenakshi

One of the sweet looking faces of South Indian cinema Geetha studied primary school up to 5th standard in Bangalore and moved to Chennai became the most famous actress from ‘Bhairavi’ in 1978.

She had not turned back in her career in Kannada, Tamil, Malayalam and Telugu cinema industry. She was with all the big stars in her regime as an actress. In Kannada Geetha had acted with Dr Rajakumar, Dr Vishnuvardhana, Ambarish, Ananthnag and other top stars and proved her mettle for cool and composed performance. Her role in ‘Eradu Rekhegalu’ of K Balachander is still haunting one for the family audience.

Like her contemporary Saritha who staged a comeback to Kannada cinema ‘Dashamukha’, Geetha also returns to Kannada cinema ‘Meenakshi’.Meenakshi producer Vajreshwari Ramesh narrated the script to Geetha and there was no second thought. She immediately accepted the role of a judge in the Kannada film.

Shuba Punja and Raghu Mukerjee play lead roles in the real estate mafia subject in the direction of Sridhar Hegd

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