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Monday 19 November, 2018, 5:25 am

Geetha Govindam Girl Doubles Her Fee

Geetha Govindam Girl Doubles Her Fee

With two back-to-back blockbusters - Chalo and Geetha Govindam - in hand, Rashmika Mandanna has emerged as one of the most sought-after heroines in Telugu. Many in industry are wanting to sign Rashmika considering her talent and success spree. Her Kannada background is also coming in handy for many to rope in Rashmika as Kannada is similar to Telugu and easy to understand.

Given all these, Rashmika said to have increased her fee. And industry insiders say that she has almost doubled her remuneration. As per the industry, Rashmika is now expecting over half-crore as her fee.

While she is charging her old fee for already signed films Devadas and Dear Comrade, she would be demanding more pay from the new projects that are coming her way. Interestingly, makers are also keen to pay Rashmika the increased fee and sign her. As she is hoping to get more busy in Telugu and took some break in Kannada, looks like, she would be signing more Telugu films in near future.

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