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Gimmicky ‘repeat’ offenders

The saga of sequels dates back to the days of popular books that were made into movies, and sequels. Later popular films based on novels and comic characters repeated this trend. Unlike planned trilogies in Hollywood, most Indian film sequels are based on popularity and profitability in turning it into a successful franchise. Also, the trend in the industry announcing a sequel immediately after the movie releases or even before it hits the screens has become a common affair these days, and some see it as another ‘gimmick’. Bengaluru Chronicle reports.

After a great deal of expectation, Century Star Shivarajkumar and Director Suri returned with Tagaru. Riding on the hype surrounding its mega star Shivanna, and his recent success, the director not only announced a sequel to Tagaru but even shared with fans how he is kick-starting Tagaru 2. Speaking about the sudden plan of Tagaru 2, Shivanna was reported sharing at a recent success party of the film  that he is not sure about the sequel. On a lighter note, he said that it could be some gimmick.

However, he added, “There were some ideas behind it which we had discussed during the making but I have no idea about its sequel.” Not just Suri, recently Guru Deshpande announced that his previous film Samhaara too will return as a sequel starring Hariprriya. However, he is now busy with his new project, Paddehuli launching Shreyas, son of K Manju. “Most of such sudden announcements surrounding sequels are only to boost the prospects of the film during release. It is another publicity stunt, as there are several films in the past too with similar such announcements which never saw the light of day,” says director Naveen.

He adds that sequels rarely make huge business, and it is also a risky affair. “Any director will accept the fact that making a sequel is far more challenging as the audience will come back with huge expectations. Any slight disappointment will turn it into a disaster. Moreover, anyone who has missed the first version would skip it unless highly recommended by the audience,” producer Manjunatha explains. It is usually horror films that constitute a majority of sequels as the plot and flexible subject makes it easy, he wraps up.
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