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Gruham Movie Review

Release Date: November 17, 2017
Cast: Siddharth,Andrea Jeremiah,Atul Kulkarni
Director: U. Milind Rau
Music Director: Girishh G
Producer:  Siddharth
Rating: 3/5


Renowned brain surgeon Dr.Krishna Kumar (Siddharth) leads a happy life with his beautiful wife Lakshmi (Andrea Jeremiah) in Himalayas.

However they experience unnatural happenings when Paul (Atul Kulkarni) along with his second wife, daughters Jenny (Anisha Angelina Victor) and Sara becoming their neighbors.

To find out more about it enter into the mysterious world of Gruham and unravel it.


Siddharth is at his usual best in the film. He proved the actor in him once again and made it clear that he is one of the talented actors in the current generation. His performance especially during the last 15 mins is a highlight for the film and his on screen chemistry with Andrea has worked very well. Andrea has got a sweet role in the film and she is also at her best in the film. Another major highlight in the film is the performance from Anisha Victor. Anisha Victor has delivered a great performance as a teenager and she is going to grab a lot of offers after this. Atul Kulkarni has got a good role in the film and he performed well as per the character limitations. Senior actor Suresh is also seen in a key role in the film. Prakash Dhalwadi has played a short role and rest of the actors have made their presence felt.

Technical department:

Technically, the film is looking very strong and the sound designing as well as the camera work is top notch. The background score by Girish is ultimate. The cinematography by Shreyas Krishna is one of the major assets of the film and the editing by Lawrence Kishore is nice. The Production values of Via Com and Etaki entertainments are rich. The running time of the film is also very less and it helped the film a lot.

Plus Points:

Siddharth, Andrea's chemistry
Hollywood style story, screenplay, direction
Horror elements
Background score

Minus Points:

Routine horror story
Siddharth's subtle role
Lack of commercial elements
Lack of real twists and turns
Slow pace


Milind Rau came with a typical horror story to scare movie lovers and score a super hit. He starts off in a interesting manner in Hollywood style introducing movie lovers to a very old bungalow narrating incidents of the past and then coming to the present to narrate the scary incidents.

Though he takes his own time to take movie lovers into the happenings and keeping the mystery intact, he does good job in the first half with nothing really happening. In the second half, unraveling of the mystery starts and he slowed the pace a little bit till the pre climax and climax.

He followed typical template of Hollywood style in his horror narration and those who watch Hollywood films do not find anything new. However others get different kind of experience seeing this story, screenplay and direction on screen.

One gets a feeling that he could have added few more twists and turns to make it more interesting.


On the whole, Gruham is a true blue horror thriller which is to the point. There is no unnecessary hungama in the film which sidetracks the attention of the viewers. Great spooky scenes, taut narration and good performances are huge assets. The storyline is old school and has nothing new to offer. If you ignore this very point, this film ends up a thrilling watch this weekend.

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