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Guess The Leading Ladies Of Chowka!

Guess The Leading Ladies Of Chowka!
More details of Dwarkish Chithra's 50th film Chowka, are revealed. This includes the name of heroines working in the movie and their on-screen pairs. The movie is directed by Tharun Sudhir and this is his debut film.

It was announced that Aindritha Ray and Deepa Sannidhi were signed to play the lead roles. But the names of the other two heroines were kept under wraps for the reason better known to team.

The other two heroines, who are a part of this ensemble cast is Priyamani and Bhavana Menon. Interestingly, both Priyamani and Bhavana Menon have worked for Dwarkish Chithra in the past.

Aindritha Ray is paired opposite Lovely Star Prem, Deepa Sannidhi is the pair for Dynamic Prince Prajwal Devaraj. It is not clear who will play the on-screen pair for Priyamani and Bhavana Menon.

Going by the teaser, we can assume that Priyamani and Bhavana Menon are paired opposite Vijay Raghavendra and Diganth Manchale, respectively. We will have to wait till official the announcement to find out whether our assumptions stand correct.

The film is jointly produced by Dwarkish Chithra and Bagpiper. This is first association of Bagpiper, with a film in South India. They have already started promoting their products with Chowka branding. This is touted to be a win-win situation for both the producers and Bagpiper.

As announced, film will have five music directors, five cinematographers, five dialogue writers and five art directors. With a different technician being used for a different sequence, a different mood and set-up can be expected for the five stories which includes a climax sequence where all the heroes meet.

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