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Wednesday 22 August, 2018, 8:11 am

Half Of Mahanubhavadu Lifted From That Film?

Half Of Mahanubhavadu Lifted From That Film?
Other day trailer of Sharwanand's "Mahanubhavudu" film released and impressed audiences. The way Maruthi has chosen the topic of obsessive-compulsion-disorder about a guy who loves cleanliness is fascinating. However, this movie is said to have its inspiration from another famous movie made in Malayalam.

A man obsessed with cleanliness finally gets his hands dirty and gets rid of his disorder, that's the single-line story of Mahanubhavudu. And that is the story of another Malayalam film  "North 24 Kaatham" that has featured Fahad Fazil and Telugu girl Colors Swathi in the leads. In that movie as well, the hero suffers from the same OCD and wants everything around him to be clean. However, in the second half, he's made to go to a village for the sake of helping another man whose wife is dead and that makes him get close with dirt and dust.

It looks like the central idea of Mahanubhavadu is straight away lifted from that 2013 Malayalam release. Whether this latest film of Maruthi is a remake or freemake is not know, but in the previous times as well this director faced allegations that he lifts stories from Korean films and those written by other not-so-popular writers. Apart from the love story, if half of Mahanubhavudu is taken from North 24 Kaatham, then one may call it as an inspiration.

Moving on, we have Mahanuvbhavudu hitting cinemas on September 29th competing with other Dasara releases like Jai Lava Kusa and Spyder.

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