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Wednesday 14 November, 2018, 1:26 pm

Happiness in Her Hands

Happiness in Her Hands
Kajal Agarwal after attaining stardom with her hardwork and dedication later overcame many reverses competing with the younger lot. Currently she is starring in MLA with Kalyan Ram.

She is also playing an important role in Awe produced by Natural Star Nani. When Kajal asked whether she will fly to favourite destinations for peace of mind, she says 'My happiness is in my hands. There is nothing like that one gets happiness when they go on vacation. If I go to house, spend sometime with family members and watch favourite film and call my friend, I donot remember anything.

This doesn't mean I am against vacations but happiness is everywhere. I do things I like to comeout of stress and donot have expensive dreams for peace of mind.'

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