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Wednesday 14 November, 2018, 7:18 am

Has 'Bharat Ane Nenu' beaten 'Agnyaathavaasi'?

Has 'Bharat Ane Nenu' beaten 'Agnyaathavaasi'?
If the buzz in Film Nagar is to be believed, 'Bharat Ane Nenu' may well have surpassed 'Agnyaathavaasi' in terms of satellite rights.

It was said that PSPK25 had fetched the makers something like Rs. 31 Cr in terms of satellite rights for the Telugu and dubbed Hindi versions.

As for 'BAN', it's said that a prominent General Entertainment Channel has shelled out Rs. 39 Cr for satellite rights.  This includes the rights for the Hindi version as well.

If this is true, what makes Mahesh Babu's film a bigger proposition than Pawan Kalyan's 25th film is to be analyzed.  Both Trivikram Srinivas and Koratala Shiva are star directors.  Yet, the difference in their rights is Rs. 8 Cr.

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