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Sunday 18 November, 2018, 9:01 pm

Have You Lost It, Sri Devi?

Have You Lost It, Sri Devi?
Please don't start hating us or hurling abuses at us. We are not asking this question to the most famous glam diva, Sri Devi but social media is going crazy at the dress she wore for a recent big celebrity event.
Sri Devi, normally doesn't come out in public without being well dressed. She always makes sure that she is the best dressed and maintains the tag of diva with pride. Recently, in a red dress she gave run for the money to many young actresses. We need not even mention about how awesome she looked at Filmfare Glamour and Style Awards. Many couldn't believe that she is a fifty year old woman and she just mesmerised everyone with her looks.

The same diva came in a jeans dress from top to bottom at an major event. The dress was so pathetic that major Fashion pandits had a stroke and social media, started trolling her for her look. The actress seemed casual in her attire but if she knows the feedback she is receiving for her dress, she might never try over experimenting ever. You can see the image and tell us, if the dress isn't looking little too gaudy for her?

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