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Wednesday 18 July, 2018, 11:54 pm

Have you seen this Guns and Thighs poster?

Have you seen this Guns and Thighs poster?
Ram Gopal Verma is one director who always surprises his fans with his bold statements or films. He for sometime has been highly proactive on Twitter and suddenly, decided to quit twitter one night.

He is now on Instagram posting some semi-nude pictures and videos. Among them he posted a poster of Guns and Thighs web-series. The pic looked creatively superb with guns spread to all directions in a circle and legs of women up to thighs cut in such a fashion that they cover all the directions in circle. Guns point towards the thighs. Ram Gopal Verma while sharing this pic clarified that this is not official poster.

He posted that he liked the fan's creativity who did this and even though it doesn't work with the concept of his web-series, he shared it as he liked it. Well, RGV seems to have a knack of supporting talent just like that. We cannot wait to see the original poster laced with his creativity when his concept was able to inspire such fan art.

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