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Sunday 18 February, 2018, 6:43 am

HC orders CBI Probe on Actor's Death Mystery

HC orders CBI Probe on Actor's Death Mystery
Kerala High Court Today ordered CBI Probe into the sudden demise of popular actor Kalabhavan Mani. The Investigation Agency was asked to take up the case within a month. These directions were passed during the hearing of the petition moved by Mani's Brother KR Ramakrishnan seeking CBI enquiry.

In the statement filed by the Kerala Government, Possibility of homicide or suicide has been ruled out completely. The high court has been informed that Kalabhavan Mani had been suffering from jaundice, kidney dysfunction, liver ailment and Type 2 diabetes.

Government told the court about the in-depth enquiry done by the Kerala Police. 'Kalabhavan Mani's Financial Dealings, Rivals if any and the tracks record of the regular visitors to his outhouse at Chalakudy has been verified,' HC was informed.

Still, High Court took a decision in favour of the Petitioner. Police have been seeking the opinion of experts on the court order.

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