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Friday 19 October, 2018, 11:36 am

Heights Of Stupidity: Upasana in Jana Sena!

Heights Of Stupidity: Upasana in Jana Sena!
Seems like, Few Media Outlets are busy diverting the attention of public from the Twitter rant of Pawan Kalyan against Media Bosses & TDP Leadership. They are coming up with some ridiculous rumours these days. Here is a sample...

Ram Charan's Wife Upasana is all set to make foray into active politics. She will be contesting on Jana Sena MP Ticket in 2019 Elections.

Would any person with minimal common sense believe such a silly rumour? Upasana is into philanthropic activities apart from being a working women. That doesn't mean she would join politics one day.

Don't think Rumour Mongers used their brain even a bit before spreading this baseless item. At least, They should have tried to save their face by saying one of the Mega Heroes (apart from PK) is interested in contesting next elections. Instead, Charan's Wife was dragged unnecessarily within days after humiliating PK's Mom. Is this what you call Journalism?

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