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Wednesday 21 November, 2018, 4:43 pm

Hello! It's Dil Raju's Press Meet Now

Hello! It's Dil Raju's Press Meet Now
Other day King Nagarjuna has stunned everyone with his Press Meet where he revealed more than anything on the pretext of announcing "Hello" audio launch date. However, some of the content revealed by him started spreading other rumours.

Reports are coming that today producer Dil Raju wants to hold a press meet at 3.30 pm in the afternoon. In the wake of Nagarjuna clarifying other day that they are not going back from Dec 22nd release date as he announced that in advance, rumours started spreading that Dil Raju is postponing Nani's MCA release date date to a week later. We heard that the ace producer will clarify about this in today's press meet.

But one should also not forget what Nagarjuna said about the clash. "Nani is also a happening hero and everyone's film will survive at the box office as our theatres have potential even five films. For Jan, I heard that five films are coming. So there is nothing like competition, lack of theatres or friction with anyone for Hello".

So what is Dil Raju going to say today? Did he want to clarify that he hasn't started a war on Hello by fixing MCA release date just a day before Akhil's film release? Or anything else? Or is he postponing? Or sticking to the same date?

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