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Here is why Mahesh is Bigger than Pawan!

Here is why Mahesh is Bigger than Pawan!
When it comes to films with big stars there is always a huge amount of risk involved. Either the films bomb or race to blockbuster at the box office. Since the business with the films will be huge distributors look at films by big stars.

Coming to the story both Pawan and Mahesh are seeing a slump in their respective careers. While Mahesh had three disasters in four of his films, Pawan is having one disaster! Both of their films (Brhamotsavam and Sardaar Gabbar Singh) rendered over 30 crores loss to buyers!

But why is it the distributors did not hold press meet against Mahesh? Here comes the difference. Mahesh owned the responsibility for his disasters and that is not all he gave away some part of his remuneration to producers to compensate for the loss and even saw to it that the distributors got back some of their losses! Mahesh continues to do that and that makes him real hero.

On the other hand Pawan's distributors held press meet, the actor did not respond. And latest a buyer came on to road and is sitting on fast and even now Pawan won’t open his mouth!

No wonder people express love to do films with Mahesh and hence he will be hailed Super Star!

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