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Hero Says- I'll Return The Money If It Fails

Hero Says- I'll Return The Money If It Fails
Ranbir Kapoor has chocolate boy image in Bollywood. Hailing from the the great Raj Kapoor family, he made a mark for himself in Bollywood. But majority of his recent films failed at the box office, so he has pinned all his hopes on his latest film 'Jagga Jasoos'.  It is releasing on this Friday.  

Ranbir tried to build confidence in the buyers saying that his film will surely succeed at the box office this time.  To make his claim believable, he said he will return all the money if the film fails at the box office. It is a huge offer to the distributors because, Ranbir is one of the producers of this film. He went on to say that the purpose behind making the film is to bring profits to the distributors and producers.. not for losses.  When buyers incur losses they share the burden.. and this tradition has been followed since the time of their grandfather.

'The tradition of compensating the losses was there from my grandfather Raj Kapoor generation.. I'll also do it now'.. this statement has become a hot topic in Bollywood now.  He went on to say that his grandfather Raj Kapoor & father Rishi Kapoor worked for 'Mera Naam Joker'.. but the movie turned out to be a failure.  As their next film 'Bobby' became a blockbuster, they have compensated the buyers who incurred losses due to the earlier film.   It's really a kind gesture.   Ranbir is saying that he will follow them.  Can any of our Tollywood heroes come out with similar statement ?

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