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Heroine Fires Over 'Glamour' Request For Promotions

Heroine Fires Over 'Glamour' Request For Promotions
Young heroines promoting their new movies always try to look fashionable. Thanks to the likes of Samantha who has brought that big fashion culture to Telugu industry as well, after whom almost all the heroines are appearing in designer outfits to flaunt their charms at press meets.

This heroine from a neighbourhood tinsel town is known for her extra hotness all the times. She pours glamour on the silver screen and also in social media posts too. However, for the promotional events of her latest movie, we hear that the producer is insisting her on flaunting more glamour. Though she's up with costumes that reveal the sexiness of her waist and all, the producer is said to be saying it's not pulling any attention and he wants a more glamorous treat from her.

Miffed over these stupid demands, other day heroine gave a black and blue to the producer at a 3-star hotel where she's staying, a report says. She reportedly told him that she's doing best at the moment by appearing in sexy outfits, but if the producer wants more, she cannot walk the streets of Hyderabad in a cloth-less avatar.

These odd reasons often make South Film Industries sound like a chauvinist and sex-on-the-mind kind of people. Even if the heroine comes in a bikini to promote a movie, there will not be much attention, because it's the content inside the film that matters. 

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