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Heroine Melting Her Deepavali Fat

Heroine Melting Her Deepavali Fat
Even if we eat two sweets, we will get fat. Normal people might not think like that but star heroines do. They will be very strict regarding their diets. They won't cheat or compromise in terms of food and will be very cautious about their structures.

Kollywood beauty Amala Paul has been stating so many things about dieting these days. Currently, actress is enjoying her Punjab tour. On the occasion of Deepavali, Amala ate 2 jalebis. Afraid that the calories will get stored as fat in her body, she immediately got into the tracks and started running. After eating only two sweets, Amala Paul started her exercise and is determined to maintain a healthy as well as fit body.

She was the only one who openly gave a satire that she was waiting for her video when the whole Suchi leaks issue was going on. She was last seen in Dhanush starrer VIP 2 movie but failed to the impress the audience. Except for some Tamil movies there are no Telugu or Tamil projects in her hand right now. However, we have to wait and see if her slim body might get her some offers.

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