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Heroine Punch To Udayabhanu

Heroine Punch To Udayabhanu
Gopichand's upcoming film 'Gautham Nanda' audio function was held yesterday.   Anchor Udayabhanu hosted the event and 'Guatham Nanda' team has shared their experiences during the shoot.  While inviting fight master duo Ram-Laxman,  Udayabhanu has gone overboard in priasing them.  When Ram-Laxman came on to the stage they spoke frankly.

They said that 'Udayabhanu garu told so much about us.. but everything is not true.  It is her affection towards us..nothing else. They said that they are not eligible to all that praise. Meanwhile they asked Udayabhanu "You're already bright.. if you come with a bright saree.. what will happen to youngsters?"  She answered shyly that "I was away from the camera for two three years.. so everybody is asking me."

They have continued the topic by saying that "Our favourite heroine is Udayabhanu.. she acted as heroine in our film 'Khaidi Brothers' where we played hero roles. With that affection she priased us little  more."  By saying so, they have revealed ther reason for Udayabhanu's praises.  

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