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Heroine says, Casting Couch is growing

Heroine says, Casting Couch is growing
Another incident of the biggest issue casting couch came into limelight because of a Kannada actress. We often see the conflicts of heroines selling their bodies to get chances in the movies. The casting couch is not only a rising issue in Tollywood but also in so many other film industries. People often take advantage of someone else need and do such depraved things. Recently a famous director in Bollywood was also found involved in a casting couch incident.

Now the same incident happened with Kannada actress Sruthi Hariharan became the hot topic. She not only raised her voice against Kannada industry but also in Tollywood. "Heroines may get one or two chances because of the casting couch, but their talent only makes them stand in the industry. It is cruel of the directors and the producers to ask the actresses spend nights with them. The casting couch incidents are becoming more and more in Telugu and Kannada industries. Especially small heroines are struggling so hard in these incidents." Said Sruthi Hariharan.

Sruthi talked about this in a media interview regarding a Kannada reality show hosted by Akul Balaji. She recently acted in a hit Kannada movie Lucia. She is popular in Kannada industry. Sruthi is playing the female lead besides Dulquer Salman in upcoming Malayalam film Solo. She is suggesting to all the upcoming actresses to believe in their talent instead of taking chances for just a single role, and their talent itself lead the way to their success.  

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