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Saturday 20 October, 2018, 11:58 pm

Heroine Shattered and Broken with leaked Pics

Heroine Shattered and Broken with leaked Pics
Leaked pictures of actors' private life often leave them embarrassed and Bollywood actress from Pakistan, Mahira Khan is no exception. Mahira Khan was clicked smoking along Ranbir Kapoor sometime back on the street of London. Fans started slut shaming her and trolls began about her outfit, smoking and many other things.

Though Ranbir and Ali Zafar came in supporting her, many expected a proper statement from Mahira, expecially her admirers. Now here it comes. Mahira finally decided to speak something about the whole episode.
Mahira admits that she was completely shattered and broken after all this happened, though she is a very strong woman. The actress wanted to post a statement each day but stopped herself because she did not know what to say. Mahira talks about trolls and her fans who were genuinely disappointed with her pictures and she is ready to apologize to an older lady who says that she didn't like the pictures, as she knows that her mamoo or nani would have been upset the same.

Mahira says that she is a good role model, but not a perfect one. She admits making mistakes and is happy to see that many people stood for her during the tough time.

Well, to start with or to end with, we don't know about mahira's other mistakes, but smoking and dressing in a way she likes is completely her choice. If it is all about the place where she came from, everything is changing there too.

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