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Heroine slams her driver for watching piracted copy!

Heroine slams her driver for watching piracted copy!
The whole of Film Industry is always talking about how Piracy has hurt them over the years and they plead people to not encourage it. But there are many within the Industry who download English and other language movies through torrents and they show off that knowledge too. And there is no death of such people in Tamil Industry.

In Tamil Industry, many producers talk about strict action about piracy but they themselves encourage the pirates. They know where to download and even the pirates themselves have started announcing the date and time when they will make the new films available. Vishal, who became TFPC President recently, started his fight against this culture sincerely and his rumoured beau, Varalakshmi Sarathkumar has announced her unconditional support for him in his fight.

Well, recently, she tweeted about the time she caught her driver watching a pirated copy of latest release. She said after coming back from the shot, she saw her own caravan driver watching VIP2 on his cell phone. She said, if people who are living on the industry are doing this way, they how can they ask outsiders and commoners to not watch piracy. She requested people to not encourage piracy by any means. 

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