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Heroine: Take My Manager's Number, I Can't Give Mine

There is this heroine who has come all the way from the north and tried her hand here in Tollywood movies. Unfortunately nothing worked for her though she has done nearly 30 films in her career. And other day, she has stunned a producer with her honest talk.

Till a year back, this hottie donned everything on the silver screen from lip locks to bikinis. And then a happening producer approached her with a spicy role but she rejected it saying that she wants to wear something that gives scope to acting and cut down her glamour part. And recently she signed a film where she's going to look in her ultra smart avatar again.

Meeting the heroine at an event other day, the producer asked her, "Why do you want to go super hot now? You thought of quitting such roles know?". He wanted to ask her this because she hasn't signed his film.

The heroine replied: "What to do sir? I don't want those glamorous roles. That's why I've started rejecting many roles, but finally, nothing is being offered to me. And when I sent a word that I'm ready to go ultra hot again, nearly three offers came to in just two days. They want only glamour and skin show".

The producer went speechless by knowing this reality, and the heroine added one more finishing line, an onlooker shared with us. "If you want to produce any film now with me, just let me know. I'm available now for glamour part. But I cant give you my phone number, please note down my manager's" she said, giving the contact detail of her manager.

Now everyone at the party understood what is the producer seeking from her that she refused to give him her number.

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