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Thursday 23 February, 2017, 12:38 pm

Hot Actress Wants 'Positive Energy'

Hot Actress Wants 'Positive Energy'
We guess the several ups and downs of one's personal life do make one a tad jittery. Which is probably why we'll excuse Katrina Kaif for her many beliefs.

We hear she has been a big believer of Vaastu principles in home dcor. But her current fad seems to be healing crystals.

Now that she has moved out of the love-nest she shared with ex Ranbir Kapoor, the lissom girl wants to surround herself with nothing but positive energy.

So, we hear, a few dozen healing crystals have been summoned to the rescue.

We don't mind these pretty, coloured rocks as home dcor, the rest of it is all mumbo-jumbo to us.

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