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Thursday 24 August, 2017, 2:12 pm

Hot topic:Political Punches In PSPK25?

Hot topic:Political Punches In PSPK25?
PSPK25 has been a crazy project and some or the other update is doing rounds in the media daily.   There were speculations going on on the title of the film already.. and four probable titles have been surfaced in the media till now.. the latest hot topic is about the political punches in the film.

PSPK25 is the craziest film of Pawan before the 2019 elections. Even though few other projects are in the pipeline, Trivikram Srinivas makes all the difference between Pawan's other projects and PSPK25.   Even Power Star fans know this.. so they are super excited about this film.  As this film is a crazy project there are speculations doing rounds in the social media that there will be politically motivated dialogues.. punches on the other political parties in the film.  Some went on to say that the movie is made with a touch of Jana Sena flavour to give inspiration Jana Sena party workers.  

Contrary to all these speculations,  Pawan film will not have any political punches as per the reliable sources.  They are saying that PSPK25 will be a pure commercial entertainer with a Trivikram mark. 

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