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Wednesday 22 August, 2018, 3:44 am

How Is Spyder A Flop?

How Is Spyder A Flop?
Mahesh Babu starring Spyder released this Dasara season has been witnessing a lukewarm response from audience. Since the movie is made on an extravagant budget, trade circles have confirmed that movie is heading towards a disaster.

Ironically, Spyder makers sent a legal notice to a prominent website for publishing the collections of Spyder. That website has been in existence from almost a decade and its core business is to keep track on the Box Office collections of Telugu movies. Though we aren’t aware of how genuine are the figures mentioned, it still has good faith among netizens.

If the makers want a legal action on reporting these so called actual figures, netizens opine that there should be a genuine mechanism to showcase authentically original collections. It has become quite common for film makers to declare fake collection records and cheat common audience, Fans.

When producers fake their collections there’s no legal action. But, it is sad to see them going for a legal action on websites providing genuine news. It is high time that producers make good movies and stop attacking at bad reviews and real collections.

Makers should understand that movie review in a website is only the voice of one person. Even before websites and reviews came to existence, there were disasters and huge flops when bad films are made.

End of the day, however the producers fake their collections, it is their product and the mouth talk alone matters. Common audiences are more intelligent to understand and know what is right and what is wrong. Now, Spyder producers should know… how and why can’t their film be called a flop?

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