How To Live If You Ban Prostitution? -Sri Reddy

Finally, actress Sri Reddy changed her course and started donning the cap of a politician. She started putting demands before the government saying that many votes will be gone if Telangana government and Pawan Kalyan refuse to consider her demands.

Speaking at Press Club today, this actress of barely 3-4 film made some staggering 'seven' demands that should be met immediately. And one of her demand is to legalise prostitution as she thinks that models and actresses can't meet their livelihood if selling their bodies is banned. "We are here to entertain you and we are doing a job here. But these biggies in Film Nagar are making our lives miserable" she says, blasting at "Aah Naluguru" yet again.

#1: They won't give theatres and their studios are brothel houses. The government should forcefully get those studios back. Even now, none from those studios are coming forward to talk about it.

#2: Co-ordinators system became more dreaded than terrorism and many girls might fall prey to them in the future. This co-ordinator (read Model Co-ordinators) system should be banned.

#3: Why government is banning prostitution? You won't feed us, and they won't give us work. So how to live? Why are you arresting us when we're indulging in prostitution? You won't give 70% of placements to Telugu people in Telugu films, then ask producers who make films with foreign heroines and Mumbai girls to release Telugu movies there only.

#4: If not films, you may say there is modelling for us. But with the likes of Lakshmi Prasanna landing in modelling circuits and TV circuits, where should we live?

#5: Awards.. They should be bought. They say they are 'legend' and give awards to their favourite people. But these people are influencing every single award and giving to their own people. Put a ban in film industry saying that only our four families will act.

#6: Our votes are there: If Telangana government won't care for us, then we won't vote you back to power. You are getting crores as tax from us, but still not caring for us. Only governments and those four-families are eating all the money, but what about us? Won't you give us pensions? People are losing respect on Telangana government.

#7: Chitrapuri Colony: Houses are given only to people who are relatives to those biggies. But they are not given to poor artists like us. Only relatives of biggies got 4-5 apartments there. Government should take action on that.

She warned that Pawan Kalyan's fans are calling her/them as 'w**res' on social media and if he continues keeping silence on this, he will be losing all their votes in the next election.

At this so-called serious meeting, what is to be observed is the missing 'seriouness' as Sri Reddy, Telangana Jana Samithi leader Kodandram and activist Sandhya slipped into huge laughs and camaraderie in between the speeches.
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