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Tuesday 25 September, 2018, 1:36 pm

Hulchul Movie Teaser : Reality & Hallucination

Hulchul Movie Teaser : Reality & Hallucination
Hulchul' is based on the concept of clash between Reality & Hallucination. A Youth consumes a drink named 'Hulchul' which affects the functioning of his brain and puts his life in danger. He will have to constantly cross-check every moment in his life to know if it's real or his hallucination.

Rudraksh Utkam and Dhanya Balakrishna played lead roles in 'Hulchul'. Though it's a tough role, Rudraksh Utkam seems to have done a good job. Dhanya Balakrishna looks cute.

Having a unique concept is the USP of 'Hulchul'. How well the Director has written the screenplay & executed it matters the most for the success such projects.

Overall, 'Hulchul' is a good attempt. Movie Buffs will be curious to know more about this concept-based flick upon watching the teaser.

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