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I am enjoying the life of an actress

I am enjoying the life of an actress
Anu Emmanuel who debuted into the movie industry is stating that she is enjoying the celebrity life. Though the actress life is enjoyable, Anu is claiming that she is facing the toughest challenges in picking the right roles.

"Post my successful debut with Majnu; the hardest part was to choose the appropriate roles. Even before the release of my debut film, many Telugu movies offers are lined up. So in a way, I was fortunate. Also since I am getting the opportunities to work with established actors, my job is getting easier. " said Anu Emmanuel.

This Malayali beauty is saying that the two biggest challenges she is facing are living away from her parents and language. "Initially staying far from home for a long time was hectic. Though I talked with my parents regularly, it took me a lot of time to adjust. As I started working more, things started getting easier. Waking up early, erratic schedules and handling the industry people are challenging but I am enjoying the life of an actress which is also making me better as a person." Says Majnu actress.

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