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I didn't understand the climax: Dil Raju

I didn't understand the climax: Dil Raju
General talk in the Telugu film industry is that Dil Raju doesn't compromise about his production ventures, and involves in every department of film making, especially story and direction. He just doesn't leave it to director after finalizing the script. He regularly monitors the progress, suggests changes and even resorts to reshoots if he doesn't like the output, notwithstanding how big a star the director is.

To the surprise of everyone, Dil Raju himself is now claiming that 'Fidaa' is his least involved film. Calling it a "100pc Sekhar Kammula film", the successful producer said that he wasn't present during most of the shooting of 'Fidaa'.

Narrating one instance, Raju said that he didn't understand the climax of 'Fidaa' when he read the scene paper. He however didn't confront Kammula feeling that the sensible director may take offence. He let the 'Happy Days' director make the film exactly how he had envisioned it. This is probably the first time Raju gave full freedom to a director.

On a concluding note, Raju said that he was more than happy when he watched the final output conceived by Kammula.

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