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Thursday 18 October, 2018, 6:31 pm

I know the difficulties of producers: Arvind Swami

I know the difficulties of producers: Arvind Swami
Arvind Swami, who reprises Mammootty’s role in  the Tamil remake of the Malayalam film Bhaskar the Rascal,  says he has taken a lot of risk in action sequences in the film. Amala Paul will be seen as his pair playing Nayanthara’s role and Siddique, who directed the original, does the Tamil version as well. The producer of the film reveals that Swami did not even take advance money while signing and the Bogan star reiterated the same at the promo event of Bhaskar Oru Rascal and explained why.

The actor says that he was not used to such functions and hence he came early, although it started late! “I came early and was waiting at the car parking much before the function started (laughs). Music composer Amrish is the hero of today. He is very talented and I am happy for him.”

He added, “I know that producers borrow money for making a film and also pay interest for it.  And I am aware that the film won’t release without paying anyone. Why add to the woes of producers by taking advance money before my shooting dates and payment schedules? I am not saying it is right or wrong, but I follow this.   I won’t agree if people say that I helped my producer Murugan. I think it is my duty. And not only for Murugan, I have practised this for other four upcoming movies of mine.”

On co-star Amala he said, “Being a senior, I used to bully her a lot. She is a free spirited woman and a wonderful co-star.”

He was also thankful to his director Siddique for choosing him. “It was my proud moment to work in legendary Vijayan master’s 500th film. So, I wanted to do something big and unique. I went out of the way and did all the risky action sequences in BOR!”

Amala Paul, who opted for a pattu saree and contrasting accessories, was all smiles during the event. She quipped, “My dream of working in a Siddique sir film has finally come true. I feel very lucky. If I were to pick a favourite person from the industry, it’s darling Arvind Swami — he is such a nice person.”

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