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Friday 19 October, 2018, 11:39 am

I'll Become A Doctor: Sai Pallavi

I'll Become A Doctor: Sai Pallavi
Almost all the youngsters of South must have watched Malayalam hit film 'Premam'.  Everybody started talking about heroine Sai Pallavi after the release of 'Premam'. That shows her talent. She became a star with a single film.  She grabbed the opportunities Telugu with that craze.  Her first Telugu film 'Fidaa' released recently and everybody started appreciating her.  Audience think that Sai Pallavi is passionate about films, that's the reason why her acting skills are so good.  Surprisingly, Sai Pallavi is not much interested in films.  

It is a common thing that many actors say that they wanted to actually become doctors but their destiny made them actors. But Sai Pallavi actually studied medicine.  When she got an offer in films and she became a heroine.  As the movie turned out to be a blockbuster, she became a star in South.  She is saying that "It's my dream to become a doctor, I will surely become a doctor in future. I'm doing films because I'm getting offers."

Sai Pallavi studied MBBS in Georgia. She knows classical dance as well.  She is a trained classical dancer and she participated in several dancing shows in the past.  

When it comes to her future projects, she is presently working on Nani film 'MCA'.  If a natural actor like Sai Pallavi teams up with Natural Star Nani, the combo will be a treat to the Telugu audience.

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