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Wednesday 21 November, 2018, 4:42 pm

I Lost Faith in Love - Renu Desai

I Lost Faith in Love - Renu Desai
Actress, filmmaker and Pawan Kalyan's ex-wife Renu Desai, who is hosting a dance-based show in Star Maa channel, has turned emotional and later made everyone emotional with her words.

In the latest promo that Star Maa has unveiled, Renu was seen getting emotional after watching the dance of a couple. Praising the couple for creating love in the air, Renu said with a dejected tone that she had lost faith in love. She was seen in tears after saying this, and she made everyone emotional with her words.

Gathering her composure back, she applauded the couple for making her fall in love with love again. Not stopping there, Renu said that she would send the couple an invitation whenever she gets married.

When Renu recently talked about 'second marriage' (in general), a sort of repulsion was expressed on social media by a section of Pawan Kalyan's fans. The actress had to later clarify that she didn't talk about her second marriage but expressed her opinion on remarriage of women in general.

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